Tuesday, June 20, 2017


इक आह सी निकली और सिसकी में सीमट गई
खुदसे बेरूखी, खुदी से बंदगी
सोचा न था
अरमानो के परिंदो ने, पँख बिना दम तोड़ देंगे
कुछ साज़ फुरसत के लम्हों के बिखरेंगे
आईना ढूंढ़ती हूँ  कांच के कुछ शीशो में
जाना न था
बेख़ौफ़ सी ज़िन्दगी शोलो में लिपटेंगे
कुछ यूं ही जूनून सी हैं
ज़िन्दगी जी भर के जीने में
कम्बख़्त राज़ अब यह जाना
बड़ा सुकून सी हैं,मौत के सीने में
न कोई गम है, न  गिले शिकवा
अब आखरी घड़ी में लेंगे अलविदा

Tuesday, March 21, 2017



-         a positive attitude, a journey of  hardship and a ray of divine vision
…… a brief INTROSPECTION……..

                   UTOPIA is a not a mere word to define but an attitude towards life which may vary from individual to individual.

                   To me, Utopia is an imaginative world we dream of . Every person has his own dreams, ambitions and requirements. More than calling it a hypothetical term, I would prefer to term it as a mirage – a sight we desire but is non-existent in this world full of  sinistic pleasures. Like in a desert, we wander here and there in search of water, we are so compelled by our desire or rather our need to quench our thirst of self satisfaction that one yearns to see one’s very thought in reality. We are so obsessed with this illusion that we start believing that somewhere at a distance but not long enough we can get a glimpse of the OASIS of our dream world. But once we start desperately running towards this mirage of our thought that, our cat race never ends till we drop down with tiredness/ totally exhausted. A weak person will frown and get depressed after the fall while a strong person will learn a lesson from it and his struggle for success will continue. He will never run after mirage, rather with strength he will start digging for water in the desert. With divine vision, one can face and accept the reality without getting entangled into this mundane world. We can proceed further towards holiness with only ray of  hope to set ourselves free of all bindings and attain peace.

                   It may sound difficult but not an impossible task to accomplish.


My Early carefree days

Misty morning dew drop rains
Painted a Rainbow on my window panes
Marshy stretches lush green lane
There I found my childhood again

Dash of Passion with a pinch of I don't care
Unknown world was a romantic affair
Ravishing amazed with spark of mystery
Charged up by high voltage chemistry

What a playful way to sing & proclaim
Life is nothing but a fun filled game
Nothing to fear, without any shame
Full of cheer, without claiming name or fame

Prolific imagination turned everything alive,
even the colourful pens has their own life
Red was Aristocrat while Blue was cool
Green was humble while Brown acted fool

So much to learn that was the age
How I wish time machine to put a brake
And not just stop but roll back few decades
To usher in my childhood carefree days

Monday, March 6, 2017

Life Alive

Life Alive

Murmur of  leaves
gently whispered in my dream
“Wake up dear Life –
Its beginning of Spring time!”

A gust of wind
Caressed me briskly passing by
I listened to Melody of life
With utter delight

My eyes closed, words silenced
Heart flutter with Ineffable Joy
Where all colours of Rainbow meet
I drew upon a magnanimous feat
Resonating with magical beats

Doubtless fearless I resound
Beyond the web of right or wrong
Unbound Infinite
My universal being
Brings me once again  to

Live life at the epitome of zeal

Monday, September 5, 2016

I rise again

I rise again

Fighting countless dreary nights
Once again I rise with all my might
While u whispered silently to my hearts delight
Pearls of wisdom setting everything right

Invisible to my eyes yet at the center  of my sight
I wonder how you take the flight
Gauging thousand of miles afar

Reaching me in a flash of light
Twinkling like a distant star

It was a long drawn silence
Waning light of my ardent zeal
Just when I was at the threshold 
You infused a  joyous current of  breeze
Rocking gently my long lost dreams

As I gaze up at the serene sky
What a relief  I heaved a sigh
Peeping through the veil of night
There I met my twinkling bright
Nothing else could ease my plight
Winning me radical higher insight

Colour me Blue

Colour me Blue for my dreams to be true
As Azure’s calm with fanatic hue

Tender touch of morning dew
Wild as could be my fancy grew

Cajoling breeze blossomed smile
Splendour looks hard to defy

Lavender mist, adding a twist
Little bit defiance being  idealistic

Meadows gleam with lust of  green
Basking under sky of dreams

Mysticism of  playfulness & brazen desires
Escalate to the zenith of tumultuous fire

Winter rain calm my pain
Delusive thoughts I could refrain

Dash of courage for living high
With a splash of  thundering vibrant ride 
Glorious moments of happy times
Is what keeps you dreaming high

Tending ties on reconcile
Seize the moment to realise
What to crave for nothing seems grave
Seeking ends till u bend
Life is just the same to change

Sacred treatise on cosmic plane
Galvanize aura of  life divine

Desolate trail

Emerging through the shadowy veils of  camouflaged hide,
Disdainful acts of refrain testifies zenith of my pride

Beguiled by ideology of  Utopian plane
unleashes plethora of morbid pain

Lure of whimsical mortal gains 
oscillates between ceaseless cynical games

Quagmire of vociferous loathsome claims
builds up an empire of  languishing wails

Torrents of horrendous guilt and blames
engulfs the flame of hope in vain

Baffled Vanquished lifeless I lay
Never to wake up in this tumultuous dismay