Wednesday, August 9, 2017

ख़ुद से ख़ुदा तक

जब में अकेली होती हूँ
खुदको और करीब पाती हूँ
अँधेरों के कमज़ोर घड़ी में ही
खुद को ढूँढ़ लेती हूँ
रिश्तो के दायरे से परे
अपनी शक्शियत को खरा पाती हूँ
 मैं ही अपनी एक ऐसा  हमसफ़र हूँ
जो उम्र ढलने के साथ अपनी  बंदगी नहीं बदलती

खुद से नज़र मिला ले ऐ दोस्त
ज़िन्दगी क्या ख़ुदा  भी मिल जाएगी!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Let being, Let be

Beyond the realm of bounded Walls
I have always dreamed of Wonder world
Where Love is pure & meant for All
Without conditions, without Notions or bar

I took a flight beyond Horizons can meet
After all no one knows 
How far our dreams can reach

Stretched myself with Heart & Soul
To catch of what I thought to be a Blissful goal
Unaware of playing cynical roles
Turned to be Doldrums of Rock & Roll!

Is it a Paradigm of choices that we make
Or simply being a witness that we stake
Our right to stay in charge of fate
Or simply let the Destiny overtake! 

My Life, my plight!
All my dreams may be a distant sight
My Fall, my Trials,
I can triumph it with all my might!

I am Full, I am stuck
Got to empty all what I have stocked!
All these years accumulated pile of Dust!
What meant treasure now I can Shake it off!

Passionate Bonfires of zillion Desires!
Consumed me on burning pyre
Time to release & time to decrease
Attachments & Entanglements to set me free

Let being, let it be
what's so great about petty Me!
Let flow, let it go
Nothing to fear, don't feel low!

Life lessons make you Wise
Helps you to Wake up and Rise

At the core You are the Source!
A Reservoir of powerful Force!

Honour Life with Self to realise
Unfolding Truth, crystal clear as Pristine
Liberated devoid of false Identity Egoistic pride,
What is left is the Ultimate Peace Divine !

Friday, July 28, 2017

Never Mind, Pass through

Stand Bold, stand firm
Stand right there at your terms
Walk straight, striding gait
All the way through fall & fail

Never mind the stormy bait
All that matters is what you gain
Be it right agreeable sight,
Or that comes as tumultuous plight
By all means make your future bright
Learning lessons with all your might!
That's the best deal rather than fight

Fight not against the system beyond your reach
Repose in Self as your deepest inmost Retreat!

Delve down as much as you can
For Life's greatest are buried down

More the Sacred, the more it is kept Secret
Not just for the sake of seclusion of any kind
But as Unique things are hardest to find 
And preserved lest it is lost by any chance

So Honour your Self Esteem
The very existence of your Supreme Being-
Is a testimony to Life Divine within!

Unravel the Secret of Ultimate Glory

Despondent I came to a staggering Halt-
at the peak of my surmounted fervour!
Disembarked I swirl across
down the dark gullies of unfathomable Fall!
Delirious, Wild, Fiery it can be
Unabashed I savoured the new taste of Adventure
Worth to stake your life for death
For you never know what is underneath
The chequered Battlefield to win heaven or hell
Defined by your dutiful roles well played

Forbidden paths, Dare not bars!Bare not most ravaged hidden scarsBetter be under the pretence of vanityCaught up in the quagmire of ordinary sanityDismayed deluded lifeless one could beStay away from threshold of taking a plungeBreaking barriers of stereotypesUnboxing your caged lifestyleWith the flight on wings of dreamUnleash the flare of your Being!Marvel the myriad avenues of victoryUnravel the secret of Ultimate Glory!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


इक आह सी निकली और सिसकी में सीमट गई
खुदसे बेरूखी, खुदी से बंदगी
सोचा न था
अरमानो के परिंदो ने, पँख बिना दम तोड़ देंगे
कुछ साज़ फुरसत के लम्हों के बिखरेंगे
आईना ढूंढ़ती हूँ  कांच के कुछ शीशो में
जाना न था
बेख़ौफ़ सी ज़िन्दगी शोलो में लिपटेंगे
कुछ यूं ही जूनून सी हैं
ज़िन्दगी जी भर के जीने में
कम्बख़्त राज़ अब यह जाना
बड़ा सुकून सी हैं,मौत के सीने में
न कोई गम है, न  गिले शिकवा
अब आखरी घड़ी में लेंगे अलविदा

Tuesday, March 21, 2017



-         a positive attitude, a journey of  hardship and a ray of divine vision
…… a brief INTROSPECTION……..

                   UTOPIA is a not a mere word to define but an attitude towards life which may vary from individual to individual.

                   To me, Utopia is an imaginative world we dream of . Every person has his own dreams, ambitions and requirements. More than calling it a hypothetical term, I would prefer to term it as a mirage – a sight we desire but is non-existent in this world full of  sinistic pleasures. Like in a desert, we wander here and there in search of water, we are so compelled by our desire or rather our need to quench our thirst of self satisfaction that one yearns to see one’s very thought in reality. We are so obsessed with this illusion that we start believing that somewhere at a distance but not long enough we can get a glimpse of the OASIS of our dream world. But once we start desperately running towards this mirage of our thought that, our cat race never ends till we drop down with tiredness/ totally exhausted. A weak person will frown and get depressed after the fall while a strong person will learn a lesson from it and his struggle for success will continue. He will never run after mirage, rather with strength he will start digging for water in the desert. With divine vision, one can face and accept the reality without getting entangled into this mundane world. We can proceed further towards holiness with only ray of  hope to set ourselves free of all bindings and attain peace.

                   It may sound difficult but not an impossible task to accomplish.


My Early carefree days

Misty morning dew drop rains
Painted a Rainbow on my window panes
Marshy stretches lush green lane
There I found my childhood again

Dash of Passion with a pinch of I don't care
Unknown world was a romantic affair
Ravishing amazed with spark of mystery
Charged up by high voltage chemistry

What a playful way to sing & proclaim
Life is nothing but a fun filled game
Nothing to fear, without any shame
Full of cheer, without claiming name or fame

Prolific imagination turned everything alive,
even the colourful pens has their own life
Red was Aristocrat while Blue was cool
Green was humble while Brown acted fool

So much to learn that was the age
How I wish time machine to put a brake
And not just stop but roll back few decades
To usher in my childhood carefree days